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ProEmulator is a retargettable embedded system emulator architecture, providing common support to emulate various types of micro-processors & devices on an x86 PC (Linux or Windows). PEMU is an emulation engine on which ProEmulator runs. It is OS independent and currently runs on Linux and Windows. A flexible and portable plug-in architecture is designed, which abstracted micro-processors and some devices and provides a common interface. This enables emulating a new processor or device in PEMU/ProEmulator easier than starting from scratch. PEMU provides user with a command line interface (similar with that of GDB). ProEmulator is actually PEMU plus a nice GUI. This GUI currently only runs on Windows and is developed with Win32 SDK.

Emulations of following targets on x86 are under development:

  • Intel 8051 compatibles
  • Zilog Z80
  • Motorola 68HC08
  • MIPS32
  • PIC16
  • Motorola 68000
  • Hitachi SH2
  • A virtual frame buffer and sound engine on top of DirectX is also under intensive development.



    Click here to see a set of screenshots of ProEmulator GUI



    Documents are something really lack of for this project. If you could contribue some documents (no mater in which aspects) to the project, I'll be very appreciated.

    And here are some limited and unfinished documents of ProEmulator.

    The application area of PEMU/ProEmulator is described in this document.


    Currently users and developers may communicate with each other by means of SourceForge facilities, including the mail list and the forums. Here is a nice forum of the project (in Chinese).

    You can also leave your words in my guestbook that I've been using for some time.

    The following is a list of members of (or people who once involved in) PEMU development: (listed with no order)

  • Huang Yichun (stanleyhuang) - the main architecture, 8051 plugin, ARM7 plugin (partial)
  • Isaac Bosompem (x86asm) - Z80, SH2, 68K plugins, and the DirectX part
  • Dai Zuopei (dai_zuopei) - MIPS plugin
  • binggan194 (binggan194) - ARM7 plugin (partial)
  • Ye Jingzhao (hiroye) - PIC16 plugin
  • Chen Yao (david_chen) - my college instructor, the motivator of the project
  • Adams (e_t_129) - document contributor
  • Wang Zhigang (atobok) - this guy helped to make a installer for the software
  • Tan Yunshun - 68HC08 plugin (not on-going now)
  • Leo Chang - LED and LCD plugins (not on-going now)
  • Shao Dan - AVR plugin (not on-going now)
  • If you would like to join the develop group, just contact me or any other members.



    The latest software package and source code tarball/zip files can be downloaded here.



    QEMU - A promising retargettable system emulator

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